Mum Ferry (1911-2008)

Florence Esther Ferry, beloved mum to Liz, Pauline and Richard, Nana and Grandmother to many, and Great-Grandmother to still others, passed away peacefully in her sleep on 12th May, 2008.  She had attained the not insignificant age of 97 years and remained alert, and 'in character' until the absolute end.

Florrie was a joy to be with, was fiercely competitive at Scrabble and other 'games' and a dear friend and comfort to so many.  It was sad for us to watch her sadness as the years rolled along and death took all her friends, one by one.  Now she is with them all once again, as she had so often said was her greatest wish.  We, who are left behind, send our love to her and them and our thanks for the wonderful memories of a wonderful lady.

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