Mum Ferry

Lizzie's mum Florence, known to us as "Florrie" - see pictures of her 90th birthday celebrations elsewhere on this site.
FLORRIE_AND_PAULINE_XMAS_1998.JPG (86707 bytes) This is Florrie with daughter, Pauline in England - Xmas 1998 Florrie_Swimming.jpg (63489 bytes) Swimming in Houston in the warm Texas sunshine
Cool_Dude_Florrie.jpg (52137 bytes) Dressed to kill in Houston - 1999 Galveston_1999.jpg (131475 bytes) Paddling in the Gulf of Mexico with Ted during a visit to Houston in summer 1999
Florrie_and_Ted.jpg (143819 bytes) With friend, Ted at her 90th birthday celebrations in London 2005_1.jpg (114105 bytes) Watching events at friend Ted's 88th birthday party in 2005, with an amused smile
Ted_88th_11.jpg (132263 bytes) And a photo which has amused us all for years.  What were they looking at.  We will never know. Mum_2_Feb05.jpg (124259 bytes) And holding forth about something or other in February 2005
Florrie_Sharpened.jpg (22805 bytes) Lizzie's favourite photo of her mum, from days when she was somewhat younger, and feeling the breeze blowing through her hair. March_07_2.jpg (160504 bytes)

March_07_5.jpg (160859 bytes)

Two photos taken in Bradwell in March 2007.  Florrie used to come and see us on a Sunday and we would go somewhere for Sunday lunch.  On this occasion she had been brought by great grand-daughter, Sophie.  Many other times she would be brought by son, Richard.  We all so much enjoyed those visits.
Ashes_Ceremony_1.jpg (366265 bytes) The day we scattered her ashes was bright and sunny, and the family gathered together at her bungalow one last time, tidying the hedge which had grown unkempt.. Ashes_Ceremony_13.jpg (289631 bytes) Fredi had particularly wanted to read a poem and the Lord's Prayer, which she did very well
Ashes_Ceremony_14.jpg (228351 bytes) as everyone else listened in the sunshine. Ashes_Ceremony_20.jpg (170878 bytes) We went to one of Florrie's favourite places - Carsington Water, to remember her.
Ashes_Ceremony_17.jpg (223398 bytes) And another important part of the day was that the next generation was well represented, here by great grand-daughter Fredrica Ashes_Ceremony_2.jpg (240101 bytes) and here by great grand-daughter Sam, seen chatting to Ip on a bench outside the bungalow.
Ted_and_Florrie_2000.jpg (172217 bytes) And, finally two photos which best remind us of her.  Here seen sitting enjoying the Derbyshire countryside with Ted, her close friend of many years. Xmas_2006_26.jpg (160077 bytes) And here, finally, enjoying Christmas 2006 with us in Bradwell.  The cheeky smile tells more about her than words can ever do.  Rest in Peace, Mum.
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