Abi and Chris Lancaster 

Abi (Abigail Jane) Downing married Chris Lancaster in Adelaide Australia in August 2004.  On September 17th, 2005 Abi gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy.  His name is Declan James, and we are very proud of our grandson.  Here are a few photos of Abi's life.
Abi_in_India.jpg (102489 bytes) This is Abi on vacation in New Delhi, India in 2001 Taj_Mahal.jpg (68689 bytes) She took this photo of the famous "Taj Mahal" in Agra during that vacation
Abi_Graduation.jpg (49769 bytes) Abi graduated in 2001 from London University with a degree in Business Management.  She is also fluent in German and has emigrated to Australia to live and work
Abi_and_Mogs.jpg (26935 bytes)

Abi_and_Tress_at_Galveston_Apr2001.jpg (62121 bytes)

Cuddling our cat Mogs in Houston, May 2000

...and with paternal Grandma on the beach at Galveston Island - April 2001

Abi_and_Dad_Vienna_2000.jpg (49100 bytes) And with "dear old Dad" in Vienna, Austria - summer 2000 Abi_on_Horse.jpg (101498 bytes) Here seen riding in Houston.  She's been riding since she was 6 years old
Abi_and_Jet_Ski.jpg (36812 bytes) Playing with a water bike on Lake Livingstone, Texas - May 2000 Abi_Leaving_England.jpg (77530 bytes) And in February 2004 Abi emigrated to begin a new life in Adelaide, Australia, marrying Chris in August 2004
DJ_3.jpg (210955 bytes) This young fella is our grandson, aged 6 weeks in this photo and full of character Me_and_DJ.jpg (154496 bytes) Even at 6 weeks he was smiling and sitting up, trying to copy sounds and generally showing all the signs of an interesting little person
Birth_Certificate.jpg (127636 bytes) And here is his very attractive birth certificate DJ_Oct2006_3.jpg (231143 bytes) Declan at one year old

DJ_Oct2006_4.jpg (211181 bytes)

Seen here playing in the garden at their house in Adelaide DJ_Xmas_06.jpg (150752 bytes) And here enjoying his Christmas dinner in 2006
DJ_In_Bath_4.jpg (172855 bytes) In May 2007 Abi and Declan visited us in Bradwell. Here he is being kept clean UK_Trip_0507_28.jpg (202362 bytes) And here he is getting dirty
DJ_040208_11.jpg (171597 bytes) In February 2008 on another slide - this time in Adelaide DJ_040208_13.jpg (119702 bytes) And generally looking at peace with the world
Declan_July08_1.jpg (124683 bytes) Here seen in mischievous mood in July 2008 Declan_July08_10.jpg (165072 bytes) - and here making some boisterous noises on a toy car
DJ_3rd_Birthday_1.jpg (160092 bytes) Declan's 3rd Birthday.  Balloons and birthdays go together somehow. DJ_3rd_Birthday_11.jpg (129220 bytes) A couple of posed photos
DJ_3rd_Birthday_13.jpg (123809 bytes)
DJ_3rd_Birthday_6.jpg (187224 bytes)
 - including a shot of the tongue DJ_3rd_Birthday_4.jpg (453083 bytes) - and guess who has a new bike!
Lancaster_Nov08_10.jpg (228098 bytes) Enjoying an ice lolly with Dad during a visit to a water park in November 2008 Lancaster_Nov08_3.jpg (268617 bytes) The small cars were fun
Lancaster_Nov08_5.jpg (146784 bytes) - and as for the slide....... Lancaster_Nov08_7.jpg (252597 bytes) Getting ready to climb aboard
Lancaster_Nov08_8.jpg (197242 bytes) Now how does this thing go? Lancaster_Nov08_9.jpg (211683 bytes) Just wish my feet would reach the pedals.
DJ_Aug09_13.jpg (310087 bytes) Declan soaking up the winter sun in August 2009 in Adelaide DJ_Aug09_19.jpg (207897 bytes) And about to go down a slide
Riding_2.jpg (239085 bytes) Abi, riding one of her favourite horses soon after a very difficult birth Riding_4.jpg (249721 bytes) Despite the pain she was clearly enjoying herself
Alice_100513.jpg (296457 bytes) Alice Darcy, born to Abi and new partner Carl Kubea on 13th April, 2013 DJ_and_Alice_120513.jpg (229643 bytes) Declan clearly enjoys his new sister
Abi_at_VH.jpg (379029 bytes) Abi at Victor Harbour, South Australia in January 2014 Declan_and_Paul.jpg (388936 bytes) Declan with his granddad at Hallett Cove in January 2014
Alice_10.jpg (240047 bytes) Alice at 9 months Carl_and_Alice_5.jpg (247862 bytes) And copying Dad at home in Adelaide in January 2014
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