Lizzie and Me

Of course a few photos of Paul and Liz.  There are many more of them on our vacation pages.
liz_vw_221211_1.jpg (176507 bytes) Liz's new VW Golf estate, purchased in December 2011.  Fast, roomy and comfortable liz_vw_221211_2.jpg (147040 bytes) It has the same 2.0 litre diesel engine as the Audi and a top speed of 136 mph.  Hmmm.
Audi_010210_3.jpg (384841 bytes) Paul's new Audi Avant A4 "S Line".  Ever since we bought this car it has rained or snowed every day. Audi_010210_8.jpg (417320 bytes) Serves us right for buying a car as we approach winter.  It is comfortable and quiet for a 2.0 litre diesel.
Us_With_C14_091205_3.jpg (137628 bytes) This is Lizzie and me in Spain, on a sunny December day at our house, with the C-14 telescope behind us Us_In_Moab-July2000.jpg (129672 bytes) This photo was taken in Moab, Utah in July 2000 as we waited for the sky to darken so we could do some astronomy
Ferns_2005.jpg (180909 bytes) We love to walk in the hills around our house in Bradwell, and here Liz's height is challenged by the summer ferns Reflexology_4.jpg (66033 bytes) Liz's reflexology requires intense concentration, and here she is seen treating a client and discussing their treatment
My_Lizzie.jpg (117745 bytes)

GRANNY_LIZ_AND_FREDI_XMAS_1998.JPG (65002 bytes)

This is my favourite photo of Liz - Earthling number 1


And here enjoying her new grand-daughter in 1998

Paul_4_years.jpg (119557 bytes) This is Paul at the tender age of 4 years, posing for the camera no better then than he does now
Paul_14_years.jpg (75581 bytes)

Paul_and_Baby_Chris.jpg (144862 bytes)

And at 14 years old, looking James Dean-ish on a children's roundabout

With brother, Chris in 1951 - the year after Chris was born

Graduation.jpg (64576 bytes) And just to prove that he did it, here is Paul on his graduation day in 1970.  Dig those side-burns!
Me_Nov04_1.jpg (122685 bytes) Now rather time-worn, photographed by Nicee Adlam in November 2004 Me_in_Office_web.jpg (77990 bytes) And in 2004 in the office at our UK house, working on the web
Me_with_Bro2.jpg (77432 bytes) The Downing Boys, in England - January 2001 Paul_with_Doogie_111111.jpg (257554 bytes) Paul with Dougal Timothy - son of Max and Elizabeth Dunningham
Paul_with_Doogie_2.jpg (179363 bytes) Doogie is an alert chap for only 4 weeks old, and an absolute delight Liz_and_Doogie_111111.jpg (203922 bytes) - and Grandma gets a cuddle too
Pauls_last_look.jpg (94931 bytes) Paul's last look at the post office in which we spent many happy years Lizs_last_look.jpg (97322 bytes) And Liz also saying farewell before the house was completely rebuilt by new owners
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