Family Pictures

Now some photos of Paul's mum, Therese - known to all of us as "Tress"
Dar_and_Mum.jpg (106333 bytes) Here she is with family friend Dar in a pool on a hot day in Austin, Texas - summer 2000 TRESS_AT_GALVESTON.JPG (59432 bytes) And on the beach at Galveston Island
Liz_and_Tress_at_Galveston_Apr2001.jpg (94889 bytes) Enjoying a margarita with Liz at the Ocean Grill, Galveston Tress_with_Andrewliam.jpg (72700 bytes) Holding her great grand-son, Andrew Liam at home in the UK
Andrewliam_at_10_months.jpg (80017 bytes) Great grandson grown to 10 months in November 2001 - and showing the Downing appetite Bradley_Downing_at_4_years.jpg (59779 bytes) And Tress's great grandson, Bradley Downing - aged 4 years in November 2001
Tress_with_the_Wild_Women.jpg (67357 bytes) With several of her friends in Houston - friends who have dubbed themselves the "Twisted Sisters" Twisted_Sister_Farewell_1.jpg (68470 bytes) The "Twisted Sisters" bidding her a fond farewell at Houston airport after one of her U.S. visits
Mum_and_Chris_Feb2004.jpg (79296 bytes) Tress with Paul's brother Chris, outside their house in Romsey, Hampshire in February 2004 Mum_Smiling_Feb2004.jpg (80593 bytes) And in her lounge, surrounded by photos and memorabilia of friends and family
Mum_Hip_Oct05_3.jpg (224929 bytes) In October 2005 Mum had her right hip replaced and here she has just come out of hospital Les_and_Mum_151005.jpg (192500 bytes) And receiving her first visitor, her older brother, Les, who had a new hip several years ago
Dad.jpg (158460 bytes) My dearest Dad, Albert Downing but always known as "Ted", who died in 1995 after a long illness Mum_and_Dad.jpg (120432 bytes) And a very old photo of Mum and Dad together when we were all a lot younger
Tram_Museum_19.jpg (392348 bytes) It was in 1945 that Mum last drove a tram, in Southampton.  At the Crich tram museum a friendly driver allowed her to feel the controls again    
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