Adam, Carla and Fredi

Here are some photographs of Lizzie's eldest son, Adam, wife Carla and of course their daughter and our lovely grand-daughter Fredrika.
Houston_1999.jpg (146140 bytes) Adam, Carla and us with Pam and Frank Junghanns, Carla's parents, in Houston 1999 2004_Xmas_43.jpg (133727 bytes) Adam in Bradwell celebrating Christmas in 2004
2004_Xmas_42.jpg (151646 bytes) And Carla at that same Christmas, photographing Fredi dancing in the street at midnight Liz_Fredi_Adam_Galveston_1999.jpg (104265 bytes) Adam and Liz with Fredi paddling in the Gulf of Mexico at Galveston, Texas - summer 1999
Fredi_When_New.jpg (37456 bytes) This is Fredi when she was brand new fredi.jpg (38988 bytes) Playing in the sea at Worthing, Sussex, UK in summer 2000
MAX_WARD_AND_FREDI.JPG (67264 bytes) Liz's younger son, Max in earnest conversation with Fredi Fredi_and_Liz_Nov_2001.jpg (64383 bytes) And with a proud Grandma in November 2001
Fredi_and_Paul_Nov_2001.jpg (45958 bytes) Here giving Paul a head massage, or looking for fleas - whatever....... Fredi_on_Swings_August_2003.jpg (57918 bytes) Here swinging on the swings in Bradwell during a visit to Grandma and Grandpa's house in August 2003


Adam on Beach.jpg (146740 bytes) Adam on Worthing beach one fine day in 2004 Xmas_2004.jpg (145654 bytes) Liz, Carla and Fredi outside the house in Bradwell on New Years Eve 2004
Dominoes_August_2003.jpg (59549 bytes) And concentrating hard on a game of dominoes at great-Grandma Florrie's house in August 2003 Fredi_with_Ice_Cream_Web.jpg (82450 bytes)

Fredi_and_Liz_in_Pub.jpg (93506 bytes)

Enjoying an ice cream in a Worthing sea front restaurant...............


......and sharing a drink in the pub with Grandma

Fredi_7th_Birthday_1.jpg (137752 bytes) On her 7th Birthday, discussing world affairs with Grandma Liz Fredi_7th_Birthday_31.jpg (114370 bytes) And posing nicely at her birthday party for this photo
Worthing_Dec2006_8.jpg (160465 bytes) In 2006, not posing so nicely just after her 9th birthday Worthing_Dec2006_11.jpg (126192 bytes) And in a serious and thoughtful  mood
Fredi_140507_2.jpg (74684 bytes) Fredi is now really growing up and this photo was taken in May 2007 when she was 9 years old Ward_July07_9.jpg (142761 bytes) And here helping Grandma Liz make dinner in Bradwell in August 2007
Ward_July07_10.jpg (147671 bytes) Playing badminton in the garden in Bradwell (August 2007)..... Ward_July07_12.jpg (153333 bytes) ......and trying not to knock the shuttle over the garden fence
18th_4.jpg (337910 bytes) Well, it's 2015 and Fredi is now 18!  Goodness me how time flies. 18th_6.jpg (307119 bytes) Measuring up to Grannie Liz - almost a dead heat.
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