Max and Liz

Lizzie's youngest son, Max and his partner Liz are keen mountaineers.  The photos of Max climbing in the Alps are from an expedition in 2000 - the photos of our new grandson, Dougal Timothy are from October 2011.  "Dougie" was born on 12th October 2011 at 9:30 in the evening.
MAX_IN_MOUNTAINS_1.JPG (70776 bytes) Here's Max on a climbing expedition to the French Alps in summer 2000 MAX_IN_MOUNTAINS_2.JPG (51710 bytes) Always an outdoor person, Max has astounded and amazed us with these photos of his exploits
MAX_IN_CREVASSE.JPG (62203 bytes) Not least this picture with his seemingly rubber legs straddling a deep crevasse SNOW_TRACK_IN_ALPS.JPG (42757 bytes) The grandeur of this place is amazing, and here is a super photo of the trail left by the climbers on the top of the world
dougal_birth_13.jpg (154495 bytes) This is Dougal, named after the famous climber, Dougal Haston.  Dougie weighed in at 7lbs. dougal_birth_15.jpg (213334 bytes) A proud Liz cuddles her new son.
dougal_birth_14.jpg (229187 bytes) While Dad calls the family to spread the news dougal_birth_16.jpg (209424 bytes) And tries to come to terms with what this new bundle is going to do to his life
dougal_birth_4.jpg (186632 bytes) Grandma Lizzie zooms to London for a hug dougal_birth_5.jpg (221178 bytes) .. and is clearly delighted with her new grandchild
Doogie_270513_2.jpg (199220 bytes) Growing rapidly, Doogie joins us in Bradwell for an afternoon of play Doogie_270513_4.jpg (267045 bytes) And to begin learning to play the penny whistle.  Must teach him to start blowing after the whistle is in the mouth (and the right way round)
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