Liz's Mum's 90th Birthday - 2001
Florrie 90 - Pub 4.jpg (52560 bytes) We all met together at lunch time in a London pub Florrie 90 - Pub 2.jpg (44205 bytes) To go over arrangements for the day and to drink a beer
Florrie 90 - Pub 3.jpg (51377 bytes) The very young and the not so young were there Florrie 90 - Pub 7.jpg (48457 bytes)

Florrie 90 - Pub 6.jpg (49039 bytes)

Some of us played with balloons which Uncle Jan had brought

and others held court

Florrie in Kitchen - Jan 2001.jpg (573903 bytes) Birthday Girl was pictured making breakfast Ted and Liz - Jan 2001.jpg (643496 bytes) And young Ted was dressed up dapper and ready for the day
Pauline Wong - Jan 2001.jpg (36455 bytes) Most of the arrangements had been done by Pauline 90th Birthday in London - 10.jpg (49555 bytes) Including a super evening meal in London
90th Birthday in London - 11.jpg (51033 bytes) A French restaurant was chosen for the event 90th Birthday in London - 13.jpg (59530 bytes) Which was much enjoyed by everyone who went
90th Birthday in London - 2.jpg (49209 bytes) There was much chatting about things that had been going on 90th Birthday in London - 1.jpg (49842 bytes) And an opportunity to share photos with old friends
90th Birthday in London - 4.jpg (51921 bytes) The guest of honour seemed to enjoy herself 90th Birthday in London - 8.jpg (42598 bytes) But the extensive menu took some getting through
Music at the Wongs.jpg (67067 bytes) Afterwards everyone retired to the Wong's to recover Birthday Cake 2.jpg (58313 bytes) There was a birthday cake
Fredi with Birthday Cake.jpg (52643 bytes) And someone to help blow out the candles Mum and Ted - Jan 2001.jpg (669904 bytes) Mum and Ted showed how much they had enjoyed it
Mum, Ted and Pat - Jan 2001.jpg (344423 bytes) Well, perhaps some of us enjoyed it more than others? David and Kevin - Jan 2001.jpg (45813 bytes) But it was good while it lasted
Happy 90th Birthday Mum Ferry!
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