Friends and Astro Colleagues

Adlam_Nov04_8.jpg (104510 bytes) Bernice (Nicee) Adlam enjoying an evening of wine and music Adlam_Nov04_14.jpg (129431 bytes) Shown here with husband Martin - both of them long and dear friends of the Earthlings

K2KM1_21Sept03.jpg (41918 bytes)

Keith and Kim Rivich with 5 days old son, Michael Robert

K2_and_M1.jpg (54823 bytes)

MR is introduced to telescopes at an early age and now has to open his eyes

25inch_secondary.jpg (79809 bytes)

Fort Bend's "K2" examining the secondary mirror on his 25" scope in Fort Davis

Back_Room_at_George.jpg (34285 bytes)

At the George Observatory, getting ready for the public one Saturday night

Group_at_McD.jpg (57396 bytes) The FBAC crowd up at the McDonald - October 2000 SHEILA AND DAVID - KRAUSE2000.JPG (97613 bytes) Sheila and David Mitchell - Krause Springs 2000
SHEILA IN BLUEBONNETS.JPG (140539 bytes) And Sheila in the bluebonnets in the Hill country of Texas Crawfish_-_Lafayette1999.jpg (50066 bytes) Eating crawfish at the International Festival - Lafayette, Louisiana, summer 1999
DAVE UDALL AT MINER'S.JPG (92949 bytes) David Udall, in a pub in Winster, England NATASHA IN GERMANY.JPG (43874 bytes) Paul's secretary and colleague from Moscow - Natasha
Rosie, Liz and Me in Georgia.jpg (82646 bytes) A thorn between two roses.  Paul, Lizzie and Rosie Kissel in Georgia - July 2001 The Gang on the Dam.jpg (39349 bytes) With Mike, Maryann and Rosie, walking in the Georgia sunshine
Silcocks on patio.jpg (68262 bytes) Drinking champagne with the Silcocks on the patio in Houston NEW YEAR'S EVE 1998.JPG (71601 bytes) New Year's Eve in Kingwood, 1998.  The night of the hats!
JACK - KRAUSE2000.JPG (35813 bytes) Our good friend Jack from FBAC, probably organizing everyone again? Fishing.jpg (63182 bytes) A feeble attempt at tickling fish - Balmorhea State Park - October 2000
Cole2_13Mar2004.jpg (92026 bytes) Michael Cole and Pat Hammond at a dinner party in Houston - March 2004 Colt_6Mar04.jpg (71149 bytes) Frank (Colt) Emrich, in Livingston, Texas, February 2004
Dennis_Nance.jpg (83315 bytes) Dennis Nance, on a warm December day in 2003 - Terlingua, Texas Debbie_and_Liz.jpg (65480 bytes) And Dennis' wife, Debbie relaxing with a beer and Lizzie at their place in the desert

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