Paul's Mum's 80th Birthday - 2002
Mum (Tress) Downing was 80 years young on 26th December, 2002.  Paul and Liz had already booked a vacation out in west Texas, so Tress' friends rallied around and put on a surprise party for her.  Grateful thanks to Leigh and Neville, Jim and Kay, Terry and Toni for looking after her while we were away, special thanks to Leigh and Neville for organizing the party, and to all our friends who turned up to help celebrate.
MUM_80TH_BIRTHDAY_5.JPG (108200 bytes) Cutting cakes can be just as much fun when you are less young as when you are young MUM_80TH_BIRTHDAY_1.JPG (87725 bytes) And watching is about the same as it always was
MUM_80TH_BIRTHDAY_10.JPG (107648 bytes) Especially if there is good food to munch to go with the cake MUM_80TH_BIRTHDAY_2.JPG (100570 bytes) Dancing is a "must" on your birthday - here Tress shares a gavotte with Kay
MUM_80TH_BIRTHDAY_3.JPG (99024 bytes) And then Kay and the others watch as more antics are performed MUM_80TH_BIRTHDAY_4.JPG (103818 bytes) Sharing a joke
MUM_80TH_BIRTHDAY_8.JPG (95272 bytes) And then a lesson on how to open presents MUM_80TH_BIRTHDAY_7.JPG (101692 bytes) Funny how we open them so much more carefully as we get older
MUM_80TH_BIRTHDAY_6.JPG (98013 bytes) Thanks to all those who organized this bash MUM_80TH_BIRTHDAY_9.JPG (106947 bytes) And those who came along to help it go well
Happy 80th Birthday Mum Downing!
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