Our Wedding - 12th August, 1995
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The family group and Russian visitors outside Bakewell registry office In a busy main street, this seemed an unlikely location for our wedding Signing the marriage register after the wedding And then some family photos in the beautiful gardens by the river
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The photographer asked us to pose in what felt like very awkward positions But when we saw the photos later we realised he must have known what to do The Mums with us, and a group with the Russians A family group - and then a most important picture of our children
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Then it was back to Winster for the blessing service Where cousin David explained the rules and officiated As we entered the church we saw that it was nearly filled with friends and family Chatting quietly as they waited for us
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Leaving church after the blessing and then lots of photos outside in the sunshine There seemed to be people everywhere But we still found time to pose for the "usual" photos
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It's hard to imagine how many people were there when you look at these photos so many years afterwards It was almost time to break away from the session adjust our head-gear and resume chatting to the guests
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Natasha talks to Pino and Irina and Lizzie talks to Uschi and to Jim.  In fact, everyone talked to everyone and Jane shows that this was indeed the "wedding of the hats" Liz and I decided we would walk up the hill to the pub where the reception was to
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be held, passing our photographer on the way At the reception we greeted our friends and posed for pictures outside, one of which appeared in the local paper The pub was filled to bursting with people
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So as they ate and drank we did the usual speeches some of which were interesting and some of which were amusing Then it was time to relax and have some fun
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Paul puts Misha in a head lock Lizzie talks to Andrey while Bagpuss gets a tickle Bags is introduced to an antique fire engine and we all go to the pub
On_Pub_Wall.jpg (45553 bytes) Adam_Ciggie__Bottle.jpg (49259 bytes) Grateful thanks from Lizzie and me to all our friends and family who helped to make this a most memorable day and one which none of those who were there will ever forget.

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The "Happy Couple" are a bit whacked But Adam has the right spirit on the "morning after"