Special Interests
In addition to enjoying astrophotography, we also enjoy taking pictures of interesting objects, wild life and activities.  We also like to save interesting photos which have been taken by other people.  This is a selection of these photographs.  We hope you enjoy them.
Cactus_260712_2.jpg (408386 bytes) Cactus flowering in the garden of our Spanish Cortijo in summer 2012.  We have been gradually developing a garden with the help of friends    
Sonic boom.jpg (39608 bytes) A supersonic jet breaking the sound barrier in moist air Shuttle.jpg (28467 bytes) My favourite photo of the Shuttle as it over flies Houston on it's way to landing in Florida
apollo2.jpg (42984 bytes) A card signed by the crew of Apollo 11 - owned by a friend Livingston Sunset.jpg (45502 bytes) One of my favourite photos, on the shores of Lake Livingstone, Texas
An incredible shot of an F-14 "buzzing" a carrier.  Apparently the pilot was grounded for a month after this incident Cactus_Flowers.jpg (90806 bytes) Texas Cactus Flowers - Spring 2000
Mississippi_Kite_Web1_02Aug2003.jpg (58789 bytes) A rare Mississippi Kite Hawk, photographed in Brazos Bend State Park on 2nd August, 2003 by Barbara Wilson Mississippi_Kite_Face_02Aug2003.jpg (111270 bytes) This picture and the previous one were taken through our 16 inch telescope using Barbara's digital camera and eyepiece projection
Humming_Bird_2_1998.jpg (26071 bytes) Humming Bird, using 500mm lens from our patio in Houston Humming_Bird_1_1998.jpg (28491 bytes) Another beautiful humming bird on our feeder
Dinosaur_Footprint_Dallas.jpg (57836 bytes) Dinosaur footprint in a river bed at Dinosaur Valley State Park, near Dallas, Texas Concorde.jpg (7002 bytes) Air France Concorde in flames prior to crashing in Paris
Icy_Web_201206_2.jpg (418638 bytes) The intricate work of a spider on a car wing mirror highlighted by frost on an icy morning in Bradwell, England Frosty_Morning_201206.jpg (241425 bytes)
Misty_Morning_201206.jpg (271560 bytes)
Bradwell village, steaming in the light of the morning sun on that same frosty morning.  This is the time of year when the sun peeps above the horizon for a few hours and then vanishes for a long, cold night
Alli_Meets_Duck_1998.jpg (42113 bytes)

Evening_Primrose_Locke.jpg (88316 bytes)

Alligator having eaten the poor duck's mate - Brazos Bend State Park, Texas

An evening primrose, photographed by Dick Locke.  See his gallery below

Moon__Venus_Locke.jpg (28666 bytes) Venus at sunset, photographed by NHAC member Dick Locke at the club's observing site.  

Note the reflection of Venus in the lake

African Sunset.jpg (54778 bytes) African sunset, in Zimbabwe, photographed by daughter, Abi Abi Riding in Africa.jpg (30880 bytes) Abi riding in Zimbabwe.  She's a natural horsewoman, but are different from polo ponies
Victoria Falls.jpg (64143 bytes) The Victoria Falls - Africa. Taken Xmas 2000/2001 by Abi 45_at_downtown.jpg (44950 bytes) The center of downtown Houston on the day of the 2001 flood
Houston_Flood_3.jpg (20544 bytes) Interstate 10 in Houston, the day after the Great Flood of June 2001 59_at_Road_Widening_3.jpg (33473 bytes)

610_and_10_after.jpg (43813 bytes)

Highway 59 through the center of the city, with water standing 15 feet deep

And the terrible mess left behind as they tried to clear the freeways - 3 days later

Storm_3.jpg (74780 bytes) A supercell thunderstorm somewhere in the USA.  These things spawn tornados and are frightening 2005_Eclipse_Montage.jpg (46922 bytes) A series of photos, at 10 minute intervals, of the October 2005 annular solar eclipse, viewed from southern Spain

We are particularly fortunate to have in the North Houston Astronomy Club, members with special skills in photography.  Here are some of the superb photographs taken by NHAC members, Dick Locke http://home.houston.rr.com/dtlocke and Dave and Noni Clark.

Tree at Sunset.jpg (60442 bytes) Tree outlined against the twilight horizon in Fort McKavett, Texas - Locke Grasshopper.jpg (74732 bytes) Texas grasshopper - Locke
Sunset.jpg (44478 bytes) An amazing sunset in at Fort McKavett - at a recent star party - Locke Bluebonnet.jpg (73360 bytes)

Indian_Paintbrush_Locke.jpg (59196 bytes)


A Texas Bluebonnet - Locke


and Indian Paintbrush - Locke

Indian_Paintbrush_2_Locke.jpg (62985 bytes) The closer you get the better they look - Locke Wildflowers_1_Locke.jpg (122968 bytes) Pretty yellow flowers - name, anyone? - Locke

Darkening_the_Sun_Deg.jpg (47945 bytes)

Launch of shuttle mission # STS 100 - Clark

Rise_to_Orbit_1_Deg.jpg (42248 bytes)

Quickly gathering speed, the vehicle makes a roll and then heads up towards space - Clark

Rise_to_Orbit_4_Deg.jpg (19418 bytes) All too soon the vehicle is miles away, climbing very rapidly now, and leaving behind an incredible wave of smoke and noise - Clark Booster_Separation_Detail_Deg.jpg (12102 bytes)

Smoke_Trail_Deg.jpg (20988 bytes)

Booster separation, taken through a telescope - Clark

And the interesting, camel shaped cloud which was all that was left behind - Clark

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