An Island Wedding

When Adam and Carla announced to us that they wanted to use the occasion of their Summer 2002 holiday in Houston with us to get married we were of course delighted.  They asked us to plan something which would be low-key, no fuss but at the same time be pleasant and interesting.  We thought a lot about it and then suggested a number of interesting scenarios, from the deck of the battleship, Texas to the beach at Galveston or even the large telescope dome at the George Observatory - potentially a true marriage under the stars.

In the end they chose Galveston Island, and the excellent and very civilized offices of Judge Philip Hosey.  It turns out that Judge Hosey is associated with a local enterprise known as and we can report that everything went superbly well, the ceremony was professionally conducted and we were made to feel very, very welcome.  Our grateful thanks to Philip Hosey and the very capable Weddings Coordinator, Connie Claypole for their kindness and hospitality.  These photos of the event begin with Fredi all ready in her new dress and ready to go.  There is a photo of Adam, Carla and Fredi collecting the marriage license in Humble, some shots of us all outside the courthouse in Galveston, and then pictures of the ceremony itself.

First, Judge Hosey outlines events for us all, then he conducts the ceremony as we watch, rings are exchanged, including the efforts of both Carla and Adam to encourage his to fit, and finally the newly married couple exchange a kiss.  We wish Adam and Carla good luck, health and happiness as they continue life's journey together.

After collecting the marriage certificate Fredi, all set to go, and wearing her new dress Outside the judge's offices in Galveston And the judge himself, explaining the rules

Some photos of the wedding ceremony And the happy couple do indeed seem happy Fredi wonders what's really going on And then the rings are exchanged
Adam's is tight and needs a bit of a push Which causes Mrs. Ward to get the giggles You may kiss the bride - er, excuse me....... Mr. and Mrs. Ward moments later
The Ward family with Judge Hosey Mother and son Adam and Carla with Pam And then with Liz as well
So Paul joins in as well Kazia and Carla Mother and daughter Two happy families
The party then moved on to the Moody Gardens, where some of us changed clothes in public  Paul spent some time chatting to Fredi And all enjoyed the super wedding breakfast laid on by Granny Liz - including CAKE! Later on some of us ate a cooling ice cream
While Granny Liz played in a fountain

WHAT a day.........

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