Paul's Mum's 90th Birthday - 2012
Mum (Tress) Downing has attained the amazing age of 90 years.  To mark the occasion we arranged a party in North Baddesley, near to where she lives, in Romsey.  The event was held at the Bede's Lea pub and nearly 40 friends and family helped the party go with a swing.

Special thanks to the manager and staff of the Bede's Lea for arranging such a super buffet, to my brother Chris for the great disco, to everyone who made the effort to come along and help us celebrate, and especially to Mum, for making it to 90 and for giving us something to celebrate.

Here are one or two photos to help you get a flavour of how things went.

presents.jpg (189445 bytes) andrew.jpg (154389 bytes) batman.jpg (189135 bytes) mum_2.jpg (198404 bytes)
We sat Mum in the middle of the room so she could see what was going on The other person sharing the day was birthday boy Andrew, who was 12 (only) Batman came to save us all from the baddies And Mum watched all the things going on from her position in the middle of the room
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Barry gave the room an "Oh My God" look, but entertaining mightily later with karaoke It was really, really difficult to encourage some people to pose properly for the camera But once support artists were brought in they behaved quite normally James and Jessica had come from London and it was great to see them there
handbag.jpg (166481 bytes) wow.jpg (205613 bytes) group_2.jpg (220824 bytes) wot.jpg (195976 bytes)
Mum searched her handbag for the spare whiskey she'd brought And discovered that someone had nicked it She checked the immediate vicinity for clues to where it might be But didn't seem to be having any success
dessert.jpg (98653 bytes) cake.jpg (173607 bytes) blow.jpg (214606 bytes) dj_2.jpg (148731 bytes)
Then the Bede's Lea staff saved the day by bringing in the dessert And a birthday cake With a HUFF and a PUFF she blew her false teeth into the cake - and the candles went out And then it was "over to the DJ" for our entertainment.  What a super job Chris did
dj_1.jpg (184745 bytes) dirty_dancing.jpg (194579 bytes) dirty_dancing_2.jpg (195499 bytes) dirty_dancing_3.jpg (140990 bytes)
Apparently he is a legend in his own time His skilled knob twiddling caused young and old alike to leap to their feet And cavort And bump bottoms and buttocks in a time honoured ritual
lindsey.jpg (119244 bytes) kirsty.jpg (131995 bytes) chris_meets_james.jpg (199659 bytes) group.jpg (214677 bytes)
Lindsey was more "traditional" - no bumping or slapping here.... Kirsty enjoyed taking photos James chatted to the legend While Mum continued receiving guests
room.jpg (232988 bytes) mum_close.jpg (166972 bytes)
The guests generally had a good time And birthday girl looked on happily
Happy 90th Birthday Tress!
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