Space Shuttle Endeavour Returns to Florida
Following the latest successful space shuttle mission, in November 2008, Endeavour was forced by bad weather to divert to one its alternative landing locations.  NASA always try to avoid this because it complicates the logistics, as the Shuttle then has to be returned to Cape Kennedy, where it is refurbished for it's next flight.

To accomplish this they use a specially converted Boeing 747 and sit the Shuttle on top.  The pair make an amazing sight and we are fortunate that one of the pilots of the 747 is also an old colleague and member of one of the astronomy clubs to which we used to belong in the USA.  The 747 did a few circuits of the George Observatory, where we used to work, and as it landed at JSC in Florida another colleague took these amazing pictures.  We hope you enjoy them, and also this report from the pilot - "Triple" Nickel.

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