Some Pictures of Andalucia

The Andalucia region is high up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains.  The climate supports wonderful harvests of grapes, almonds, figs and other fruits.  See the pictures of our summer 2003 vacation.
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The place we have been staying while waiting for our house to be built is the home of friends Mike and Rosie Sinclair. They own and operate an almond farm Supported by their four cats and Scruffy the dog The almond crop this year (2004) has been decimated by late frosts, so this year it's figs
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Lots and lots of figs, needing laying in the Mediterranean sun to dry They are yummy - if you like figs that is - and this is the white variety Liz demonstrated in one bite the juicy nature of these fruits The views from Mike and Rosie's cortijo (farm house) are stunning
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Looking across the valley to the north is town of Cadiar Cadiar is large enough that you can buy most things you need As the sun sets behind the hills and the stars come out We look forward to the day we can get the scopes out

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