An Australian Vacation

Another milestone has been passed in our lives, because Paul's daughter, Abi has just been married to an Australian gentleman.  We were joined by Paul's mother on a trip to Adelaide to help Abi and her new husband, Chris celebrate their special day.  But we also managed to get around a bit and see some of the land "Down Under".  

Here are a few photos of the holiday and some of the things we did.  The wedding photos can be found here, and there are also a number of photos of an astronomy presentation which Paul was invited to make to the Astronomical Society of South Australia.  As with astronomers wherever we have been, the ASSA members are very special people and we are looking forward to a long relationship with them.

Grateful thanks to all those who helped make our stay in Australia very special, and our best wishes to everyone we met in that wonderful, upside down country.

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The long journey began at "Purple Parking" near to Heathrow Airport With a brief stop at a bar in the airport, just in case of a shortage on the plane We stopped at Kuala Lumpur airport for 4 hours on the way, and it is a very fine place  We were met in Adelaide by Gaye, Chris' mother
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Breakfast on our first morning was less than ostentatious - but was tasty and well served Abi was working at a racing stables and was in love with a horse, Sweet Jarrah We visited Cleland Wildlife park, where Mum fed kangaroos And Abi found one with a baby in it's pouch
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The little fella popped his/her head out to see what was going on She also got to pat a Koala on the bottom.  Apparently you don't pat them on the head! This magnificent pelican posed for the camera And then took a bath for our benefit as well
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Paul's presentation to the astronomy society began in a Chinese restaurant Around 100 people packed the seats for the presentation Which was in the Physics Lecture Theatre of the University The Astronomical Society for South Australia is like all clubs we have known...
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Packed with characters, all with fascinating hobbies and interesting stories We even met Paul Curnow, friend of Steve and Amelia Goldberg in Houston. A great evening Their president, John Hiscoe, helping us use the club's 15 inch reflector to cruise the southern skies Then we drove to Melbourne, about 8 hours drive to the south east
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We were visiting old friends from Houston (lower photo), and they showed us many sights One fascinating place we visited was the Dandenong forest, east of the city where we fed parakeets And admired the tall Eucalyptus trees, breathing in the delicious scent of the forest Back in Adelaide we visited the excellent zoo, where the lions put on a show for us
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The giraffe and it's keeper rubbed noses..  ....some miniature penguins performed for us And a Kookaburra sat motionless on it's perch all the time we were there Despite being so busy we found time to buy Abi a car

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Tour the McLaren Vale wineries, where the wines tasted superb And Lizzie even found time to paddle in the chilly sea    

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