Adelaide in February 2006

In Feb 2006 Paul was working in Singapore and so Liz travelled there to spend a few days, and then we both went on to Adelaide to stay with Chris and Abi, and of course to see how grandson Declan was doing after his first 5 months of life.  These are some of the pictures of our trip.

No visit to Singapore of course would be complete without a visit to the famous Raffles Hotel

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It reeks of olde worlde opulence and is clearly a tourist trap "par excellence" - but we enjoyed checking it out

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We were also fortunate that it was still Chinese New Year, and so a trip to Chinatown was called for

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Where we ate a scrumptious meal and Lizzie had fresh coconut

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We then browsed through the streets where Liz bought new reading glasses

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And friend Mark Edmondson enjoyed looking "cool" in these dark specs

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The last thing we did in Singapore was to visit the excellent Singapore Zoo.  We felt this saying summed up a lot of our feelings about mankind

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Then we arrived in Adelaide and discovered to our amusement that young Declan is moving on to solid foods - at only 5 months

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When he wasn't eating we took him out to lots of places for sightseeing and cuddles.  Here seen with grandad Paul

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And here at the beach at Glenelg enjoying the sunshine

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We had bought him a silk Kung Fu outfit in Singapore and so he was duly dressed in it for our benefit.  He loved the touch of it and it fitted him quite well

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We also put on a BBQ for him (well, for us really I suppose) and Abi and Chris invited some of their friends and family around to sample the tucker

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We were also fortunate to be joined by Declan's lovely great-grandparents, Ian and Noreen

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Declan clearly enjoyed the excitement

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And was passed from lap to lap throughout the afternoon.  Here seen with grandma Gaye

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Lizzie of course went in the sea and came out dripping

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We went to the excellent McLaren Vale wineries and ate a super lunch at the Woodstock winery, a place we had last visited in 2004

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Lizzie encouraged Declan to dance on the tables - not an encouraging sign for his future behaviour in bars!

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Other times we stayed home and played.  Here is a woolen policeman we had taken out from the UK

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And here is an unashamed Declan at bath time, followed by his amused Dad feeding him something mashed and easily "gummed" by a toothless chap

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Another "re-visit" this time was Cleland wildlife park, and the eucalyptus trees were absolutely magnificent, exuding such gorgeous smells

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The roos and wallabies were there to take our food offerings - and Liz had just a few problems keeping order

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So Paul had a go and didn't fare much better

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Then the emus came on the scene and completely stole the show - and the food bag, eventually

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It has to be said that our grandson is a perfect delight, enjoying everything we did and only grumbling occasionally

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And as we left Cleland we wondered how long it would be before we would be back again in this lovely place

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On our last day we visited another park in north east Adelaide, this time with waterfalls and lots of bird life

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Lizzie paddled in the cool pool below the waterfall, and we saw this kookaburra, although he never did "kook" or "burra" at us.  Nice place.  Sad to leave - and after 20 hours of flying we arrived back to SNOW in England

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