Adelaide in February 2009

We suddenly decided, in January 2009, that it was time to go to Australia again and see our grandson.  It was 2 years since we last saw him, and we wanted to make sure he didn't grow up not knowing us.  So we booked tickets for February - summertime down under - and these are some of the pictures of our trip.

Singapore's "Changi" airport is an amazing place.  This time we spent a day in the airport - in the transit hotel - and paid a visit to the butterfly house in Terminal 3

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On arrival in Adelaide, Abi was waiting for us and we got a big wink from Declan, who has grown like crazy

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Day 1 saw us heading into Adelaide on the train from Hallett Cove to collect the rental car from Budget

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Declan walked with step Granny Liz along North Terrace

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On the way we decided he needed a hair cut, and found this excellent hairdresser called Thuy

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The end result was great, and Declan was very pleased

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Our first visit to the beach.  It was tough to stop Liz and she headed straight into it as soon as she could

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Declan loved the water splashing around his toes and made sure everyone got wet

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On a trip to the McLaren Vale wine growing region we had lunch at Woodstock Winery, the same place we had lunched the last time we were here

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Abi got a chance to ride on another day, and Ozzie got a hug as he was prepared for action

Australia_Feb09_48.jpg (221234 bytes)

I took several photos of her, but apparently Ozzie was not in a good mood and most of them were not approved by her ladyship

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On 21st February we visited Hahndorf, east of the city, and had lunch in a nice restaurant, where Granddad got a hug

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Then we moved on to a Farm where Declan got to feed kangaroos

Australia_Feb09_74.jpg (213186 bytes)

- and lambs

Australia_Feb09_78.jpg (255256 bytes)

- and to stroke an Alpaca.  Guess which one is the Alpaca........

Australia_Feb09_82.jpg (165252 bytes)

On 23rd February it was back to the beach to jump over the waves again

Australia_Feb09_88.jpg (155548 bytes)

The tongue seemed to survive it's exposure to the salty water

Australia_Feb09_92.jpg (168772 bytes)

Adelaide has numerous parks, and we went for a walk in Belaire National Park one day

Australia_Feb09_99.jpg (291061 bytes)

We saw all sorts of wildlife, including this magnificent sulphur crested cockatoo

Australia_Feb09_101.jpg (146525 bytes)

And a Koala Bear which watched as we ate our picnic

Australia_Feb09_105.jpg (205339 bytes)

Australian trees are amazing - as are the skies.  This was the slender crescent moon, imaged with a hand held Canon camera on 27th February

Australia_Feb09_103.jpg (183015 bytes)
Australia_Feb09_113.jpg (85157 bytes)

Including this magnificent specimen which reminded us all of Tree-beard from Lord of the Rings.  See if you can spot the intrepid traveller, dwarfed by the tree

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