Our Holidays

This page covers our more significant vacations, from the very interesting trips we made in Russia to the fascinating places we found in the USA, and continuing with have made since our return to Europe from Texas.  During our time in the USA we tried to see as much of it as possible, making summer vacation trips to Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Mesa Verde, Canyonlands and Arches, and many more places.  Since then we have explored the Middle East, south east Asia and Australia.  If you would like to see some of the places we've visited, then you can use the links below to go to the relevant page.

We stopped recording all our trips to Europe once the Spanish house was complete, but the story of our becoming property owners there can be seen here.  We hope you enjoy these trips from a photographic perspective, as much as we did when we were actually there.

October 2017 - Adelaide and Queensland again.  Watching the family grow. Australia_2017_53.jpg (427181 bytes)
October 2015 - Adelaide and Queensland, plus attending Abi's wedding to Carl
January 2014 - Adelaide again to see our new grand-daughter and grandson who is now a young man
January 2012 - Back to Adelaide to see our growing grandson and to visit Kangaroo Island
February 2009 - Our first visit to Australia for 2 years.  We discovered a grandson with an amazing vocabulary and full of energy.  We packed a lot into the 2 weeks we were there and are already planning the next visit
Summer 2006 - Late Spring and early summer spent finishing the rebuilding of our Spanish house, and then an August vacation with granddaughter, Fredi Cowgirl_Fredi_2.jpg (111472 bytes)
February 2006 - A few days spent in Singapore, followed by another visit to Adelaide to see Chris and Abi and of course our Grandson, Declan James Adelaide_56.jpg (155374 bytes)
May 2005 - The telescopes finally make their long awaited journey to our house in southern Spain, and to their new home
Australia 2004 - In September 2004 we visited Adelaide and Melbourne in Australia.  The trip had two objectives, to attend the wedding of Paul's daughter, Abi and to deliver a presentation on astrophotography to the Astronomical Society of South Australia
Christmas 2003 - Yet another visit to beautiful Terlingua Ranch in west Texas.  To experience once again the clear dark skies and the walking
Summer 2003 - Another visit to southern Spain to find ourselves a house, and to sample once again the delights of this beautiful place
Christmas and New Year 2002 - At Terlingua Ranch, west Texas, walking in the deserts and mountains
Summer 2002 - A week in the UK with friends, followed by a week in the Andalucia region of southern Spain
Summer 2001 - Terlingua Ranch (again!), followed by a tour of New Mexico, Arizona and west Texas Cooling the Feet.jpg (81635 bytes)
Summer 2000 - Mesa Verde National Park (Colorado), Canyonlands and Arches National Parks (Utah), Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona), Petrified Forest National Park (Arizona) west Texas
Christmas 2000 - Terlingua Ranch and Big Bend National Park, Texas K2 on the edge.jpg (88625 bytes)
Summer 1999 - Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming), Rocky Mountains National Park (Colorado), Grand Teton Paul_in_Rockies.jpg (78794 bytes)
1994 to 1998 - Yosemite, New Mexico, including Taos and the mountains around Santa Fe, and the Very Large Array radio telescope at Socorro SOCORRO NM - 1998.JPG (72164 bytes)
A Walk in the Grand Canyon, Colorado - Back in 1990 Lizzie and I made a weekend visit to the Grand Canyon, where we walked down the Kaibab Trail into the Canyon, along the Tonto Trail and then climbed back out on the Bright Angel Trail.  This is the story of that 24 mile trek Grand_Canyon_6_-_1990.jpg (114790 bytes)

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