Summer 1999

Summer 1999 saw us heading north.  Yellowstone National Park is a long, long way from Houston, but we decided to drive to it, taking the telescope and a tent - and the maps are correct. Yellowstone is indeed a very long way from Houston, but via places with romantic sounding names such as Cody, Wyoming we actually got there in one piece.  In Cody we actually sat and ate in the hotel called “The Irma” named after Bill Cody’s daughter we believe, and we sat at the table which the little placard said she liked to frequent.

Yellowstone is a magnificent and majestic place, and we arrived to a cold wind and clear skies – it was June.  During the first few days it snowed on us, but the place was wonderful, and we saw bison and bear and all kinds of wild animals.  The skies were very dark and we were only put off from staying out all night by the low temperatures.

On the way back we stopped for several days near Loveland, Colorado and made several visits to Estes Park, climbing high into the Rocky mountains where we saw mountain lions running across snow fields and encountered magnificent scenery, as you can see in the photographs.  Colorado must indeed deserve the name we have given it on one of the captions – God’s Country.

Bison_-_Yellowstone1998.jpg (102160 bytes)

Bison roaming free in Yellowstone National Park - June 1999

Bones_-_Wyoming1998.jpg (80210 bytes)

A pile of bones is evidence of man's inhumanity to his fellow creatures

Clear_Water_-_Yellowstone1998.jpg (44715 bytes)

Hot, crystal clear water in a pool at Yellowstone National Park, June 1999 

Grand_Teton_-_1998.jpg (83637 bytes)

The beauty of Grand Teton, Colorado in summer 1999

Paul_in_Rockies.jpg (78794 bytes)

Paul in a beautiful place.  God's garden - the Colorado Rockies

Lizzie_at_Yellowstone_-_1998.jpg (33008 bytes)

Lizzie among the steaming pools at Yellowstone - 1999

YELLOWSTONE - 1998.JPG (68311 bytes)

The steaming ground at Yellowstone

WAGONS - WYOMING1998.JPG (117076 bytes)

Wagons long since abandoned in an ancient Wyoming  township

ROCKY MOUNTAINS - 1999.JPG (35980 bytes)

Paul walking high up in the Grand Teton, amongst the pine trees and the lakes

Liz_in_Rocky_Mountains_-_1998.jpg (27719 bytes)

Lizzie high up in the Colorado Rockies during our summer holiday in 1999.  This is east of Estes Park


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