Our Summer 2001 Vacation
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We've been lucky this year.  Well, actually we've been lucky every year, but this year we managed to get back to Terlingua in August

Pool.jpg (57141 bytes) The pool, normally a little chilly in December, was delicious and cool in the desert heat
Swimming with Wasp.jpg (60459 bytes) This is Earthling #1 swimming happily in the clear water Wasp.jpg (35586 bytes) Quite aware that she was sharing it with some rather less than friendly bugs!
Scopes in Desert 1.jpg (80686 bytes) We managed to get the telescopes both set up in the desert in the usual way, and many new images were captured SBIG on Tak.jpg (42012 bytes) These were posted on the web site when we returned home and we were delighted, as usual with the beauty and peace of the place
Campsite at Gila.jpg (93937 bytes) Then, in October we were off again!  This time on one of our tours of interesting places and sights.  We started in the Gila forests of New Mexico River View.jpg (75090 bytes) A place of great beauty, where we found a peaceful camp site near to the famous Gila Cliff Dwellings and walked many miles through the forests
Little Bear Canyon.jpg (95090 bytes) The cool of the forests and the freshness of the air was such a pleasant change from the heat and humidity of Houston.  The Water Beckons.jpg (71869 bytes) Here Liz is walking in "Little Bear Canyon".  Removing the boots at such a location seems almost mandatory
Cooling the Feet.jpg (81635 bytes) So that she could sit and gaze upon the beauty of this remote place - cooling the toes at the same time Gila Forest.jpg (78877 bytes) Quite the most lovely place, but a little chilly at night and cloudy for the telescopes
Paul in Forest.jpg (103396 bytes) Imagine the smells and scents from all the herbs which line the paths

We plan to return another time

Internal Cave Structure.jpg (56871 bytes) Of course, one of the reasons we had visited this location was to see the cliff dwellings, and we found them every bit as interesting as we had hoped
Approach to Caves.jpg (60323 bytes) We experienced the usual thrills of super views and vertical drops, and marveled as always how these people could have lived and raised children Ladder Access.jpg (93249 bytes) - especially in such a inaccessible place, which you can see the modern parent is more equipped to handle!
View from Cave 2.jpg (64627 bytes) Quite breathtaking and well worth the visit View from Cave.jpg (47172 bytes) If only for the views - imagine this as the view from your living room!
Patagonia Lake.jpg (66065 bytes) Next, our trip took us to Patagonia Lake, to the south of Tucson in Arizona - one of our favourite states Patagonia Sunset.jpg (33569 bytes) We erected the scopes on the shores of the lake and watched super crimson sunsets
Patagonia Sunset 2.jpg (43232 bytes) A lot of good astronomy was done from this pretty spot, in spite of the numerous (and brilliant) "safety" lights throughout the camp site.  We just found ourselves a dark corner... Cactus 4.jpg (53201 bytes) While staying at Patagonia Lake we managed an 8 hour round trip to the "Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument" and were not disappointed with what we found there.  Spot which is the cactus!
Cactus 5.jpg (54140 bytes) Splendid cacti of every description were growing everywhere, and we took lots of photos Cactus 0.jpg (51233 bytes) Like I said, it's a long, long drive, but well worth it - even though we passed the entrance to Kitt Peak Observatory and didn't have time to go up the mountain - BOO!
Shakespeare Hotel.jpg (73142 bytes) The final leg of our trip took us back into Texas, but on the way we stopped at a fascinating place Shakespeare Hotel Kitchen.jpg (42736 bytes) Shakespeare is a deserted (ghost) cowboy and mining town near Lordsburg in New Mexico
Shakespeare Blacksmith.jpg (54807 bytes) It is now in private hands and during a guided tour (the only sort available) we were told that Billy the Kid once worked here Shakespeare Saloon.jpg (50932 bytes) In fact, our guide claimed to have personally known someone who knew Billy's father - sounds a bit like a Derbyshire village!
Shakespeare Table.jpg (54951 bytes) Whatever the stories - and our guide certainly knew a few, the place had been (and was being) lovingly restored, but yet areas had been left almost as if they were waiting for Billy himself to return..... Scopes with Stars.jpg (47452 bytes) Waving a fond farewell to Shakespeare - named by a British mining engineer we were told - our next stop, after a long drive through a dust storm the likes of which we have never seen, was Fort Davis in west Texas
The Gang Eating 1.jpg (61725 bytes) It was here that we met up with our astronomical friends from Houston, all fired up for some serious astronomy Loyd and Dennis Prone.jpg (59873 bytes) Did we say that our friends are a little strange?  Here's what they do at 3am while their CCD cameras are clicking away...

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