Our Summer 2002 Vacation
In 2002 our vacation was a little different.  We normally go west in the USA, but this year we went east - a long way east - to Europe, and we also split our vacation into two pieces.  The first week we spent in the UK, introducing the newly married Keith and Kim Rivich to English life.  The second week we spent in southern Spain, exploring parts of Andalucia and keeping a weather eye open for possible places to live so we can do astronomy in Europe.  The weather in England was very good to us, and we visited many places, including Winster, the village where Liz and I lived for years, and including the church where we were married in 1995.  We saw the ancient city of  York where we toured the magnificent cathedral (York Minster), Jorvik, the ancient Viking city, buried beneath today's streets, and also went on a Ghost Tour.  Other visits were to the east coast fishing village of Whitby, the Peak District village of Castleton and many pubs!

In the second week Spain was incredible, with desert areas just like west Texas, but with almonds, walnuts, lemons, limes and figs growing everywhere on the trees, and clear, bright star filled skies.  We were very much taken with the area and are making plans to return to look for a second home there where we can practice our astronomy and enjoy the beauty of the countryside and the friendliness of the local people.

Chesterfield_Station.jpg (81117 bytes) The UK piece started with the arrival of Keith and Kim at Chesterfield station Train_Approaching.jpg (76825 bytes) The train from London approaches the platform
Tongue_Part_1.jpg (74061 bytes) And we are treated to the first example of "the tongue" - see later Platform_Meeting.jpg (82193 bytes) The weather is fine and all are ready for a week of exploration
Two_Bums.jpg (106563 bytes) The Yanks show their pleasure at being invited to stay at our house Dinner_Bradwell.jpg (73256 bytes) But we feed them anyway in the interests of International relations
Walking_in_Winster.jpg (107224 bytes) First day we visited Winster, the village where Liz and I lived for many years Kim_in_Stile.jpg (107632 bytes) Kim was introduced to the traditional English stile
A_Helping_Hand_V.jpg (110416 bytes) Here is K2 helping his new bride over a gate as we walked in the fields surrounding the village A_Groping_Hand_V.jpg (110098 bytes) And here we see Keith testing the quality of his new bride in time honored fashion
K2K_Winster_Church_V.jpg (66544 bytes) This is in the church where Lizzie and I were married K2K_Winster_View.jpg (93756 bytes)

K2K_Winster_Pub.jpg (83650 bytes)

And this is walking down the village street on the way to our favorite pub in all the world, where beer as only the English can make it was drunk
K2K_Fish'nChips_Castleton.jpg (76150 bytes) No UK vacation can pass without experiencing fish and chips Arrival_at_York.jpg (105090 bytes) On another day we drove to York, and here you can see one of the old city gates
York_Castle.jpg (102162 bytes) This is part of York castle, now mostly derelict Cock_and_Bottle.jpg (71669 bytes) Another pub - more beer was drunk
York_Betty's_K2.jpg (96415 bytes) And Betty's famous (and expensive) tea room/cafe, where tea was drunk York_Minster.jpg (82359 bytes) You have to really crane your neck to see the top of the Minster (cathedral)
York_Minster_V.jpg (107600 bytes) And it's tough to photograph, as Kim found out.  At one point I thought the couple entering the church were K2 and K - note the position of his hand........ York_Observatory_V.jpg (51095 bytes) Keith got us in to see the old telescope in York Observatory - still in good working order
Haddon_Hall_Courtyard_V.jpg (97368 bytes) A beautiful old house near to our UK home is called Haddon Hall - a "must" for American visitors, who can experience what old English life must have been like Haddon_Hall_Garden_K2K_V.jpg (102918 bytes) The gardens are famous for their beauty and views - actually I meant the trees and stream and fields......
Haddon_Hall_Church.jpg (90880 bytes) The house has its own church, and while Kim enjoyed looking around...... Haddon_Hall_Bat.jpg (48535 bytes) good old Keith was pulling dead vampire bats out of holes in the stonework.......
Haddon_Hall_Pews.jpg (72884 bytes) or sitting in the ancient pews, lost in thought Haddon_Hall_Garden_Liz.jpg (149391 bytes) Lizzie and I always enjoy the gardens, which are beautifully kept
K2_and_Whitby.jpg (107260 bytes) Another visit was to the east coast fishing port of Whitby Kim_on_Whitby_Steps.jpg (109014 bytes) You get a good view of the town from the top of the cliffs
K2K_with_Chaperone_Whitby.jpg (79872 bytes) And a stroll along the pier is good too, as long as you have a chaperone! The_Tongue_Whitby.jpg (63342 bytes) There's that tongue again
K2K_Whitby_Abbey_V.jpg (83832 bytes) Whitby Abbey stands on cliffs overlooking the sea, its sandstone walls crumbling as they are battered by storms from the North Sea The_Photographer.jpg (95568 bytes)

K2K_Whitby.jpg (64549 bytes)

Keith tries a creative posture - where's Kim? - and we end our first week with the honeymooners posing for the camera - no tongue - no hands
Andalucia_Landscape_2.jpg (123329 bytes) Then Lizzie and I visited Spain to see the place and to test its suitability for astronomy Liz_Cantoria.jpg (99311 bytes) The arid nature and beauty of the area reminded us of west Texas
Fresh_Limes.jpg (129143 bytes) On the trees were fresh limes Fresh_Oranges.jpg (114447 bytes) fresh oranges
Fresh_Pomegranate.jpg (152432 bytes) Pomegranates Fresh_Figs.jpg (85321 bytes) ......and yummy figs
Liz_Tony_and_Scope_1.jpg (69934 bytes) We also discovered a UK astronomer who has bought a place and moved in his Meade LX 200 Liz_Tony_and_Scope_2.jpg (68861 bytes) The view from his personal mountain top was superb in all directions
Hacienda_1.jpg (125964 bytes) We looked around at properties for sale Hacienda_Garden_1.jpg (106169 bytes) and they all came with a fair amount of land
Alqueria_de_los_Lentos_V.jpg (97961 bytes) Our accommodations were very comfortable, with stunning mountains in the background Lizzie_on_Mountain.jpg (135129 bytes)

The_Road_we_Walked.jpg (103320 bytes)

We climbed to the top of one of them - and looked back at the path we had followed.  Halfway up there was a fresh stream to replenish our water 
Almonds_for_Lunch_V.jpg (87091 bytes) This is lunch - almonds fresh from the tree, opened using two stones Paul_under_large_tree.jpg (146185 bytes) and a tree to shelter under when the sun got too strong for us
View_at_Tony's.jpg (85976 bytes) All in all we loved the place and were sad to have to leave Lizzie_in_Med_Mojacar.jpg (83838 bytes) So we had a quick swim in the Mediterranean before we left
Freddie_and_Liz_Crawley_V_3.jpg (78527 bytes) Flying back through London we were lucky to be able to spend a few hours with grand-daughter Fredi Bouncing_Freddie.jpg (78269 bytes)

Freddie_and_Liz_Crawley_2.jpg (79256 bytes)

She has always bounced - but this time she wore us out as we explored the hidden delights of Crawley before our flight back to the US from Gatwick

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