Completing the Spanish House - and a Holiday with Fredi

In 2006 we had saved enough cash to be able to finally complete the work on La Divisa.  The pictures below tell the story of the building works in June and July and also a 2 weeks holiday which we were able to spend at the house with our granddaughter, Fredi.

Work began with the Spanish workmen removing the old llano (adobe style) roof from the remainder of the old house

Roof_Removal_2.jpg (181066 bytes)

And in a month they had transformed this

Roof_Removal.jpg (240555 bytes)

To this - with our 16 inch telescope ready for action.  We love to sit on this terrace in the dark and look at the sky

Canopus_On_Deck.jpg (255710 bytes)

........and this

Lower_Terrace_Exposed.jpg (177815 bytes)

To this.  The lower terrace will be a lovely place to sit in autumn and spring (too hot in summer)

Lower_Terrace_Complete.jpg (97383 bytes)

The reinforced concrete pillar which runs up through the house and into the observatory

Pier_Shutters.jpg (168778 bytes)

holds our 14 inch Celestron telescope rock steady for visual observing and imaging

C14_On_Pier.jpg (80599 bytes)

Fitting the dome was the highlight of the entire building programme

Lifting_Dome.jpg (110294 bytes)

and the finished house is lovely

Finished_House.jpg (198269 bytes)

Our August holiday started with Fredi trying on hats

Cowgirl_Fredi_2.jpg (111472 bytes)

We explored our grape vines and discovered lots of baby grapes on the them

Up_in_the_Grapes.jpg (137075 bytes)

And on our 11th wedding anniversary (12th August) we celebrated with a mini-fiesta on the patio, surrounded by friends

Fiesta_3.jpg (106026 bytes)

Jose (our builder) and Tony (our local astronomer friend) took the opportunity to discuss a little business

Tony_and_Jose.jpg (107218 bytes)

Speaking of friends, we visited many of them, here seen with Val and Bill about 10Km down the road

Us_With_Val_and_Bill.jpg (150423 bytes)

We found them battling with two litters of kittens, so guess who got to cuddle them?

Fredi_With_Kittens_3.jpg (146304 bytes)

We managed a lot of walking locally, and here we are passing our neighbours as they load one of their mules

Fredi_and_Mulos.jpg (202018 bytes)

More mules at another point in the walk.  We are getting pretty hot and grumpy by this time (some of us)..............

Liz_and_Fredi_on_Walk_3.jpg (207440 bytes)

But the grumbles are soon replaced by shrieks as we douse our hot bodies in the cold pool

Fredi_in_Pool_4.jpg (217205 bytes)

But it's fun to cool off after a hot day

Fredi_in_Pool_1.jpg (138347 bytes)

The local food is excellent, and mealtimes are always welcome, especially when there is local wine to go with it

Fredi_With_Wine.jpg (155442 bytes)

And melons are a special favourite

Fredi_and_Melon.jpg (129233 bytes)

Fredi slept on our bed settee in the corner of the lounge and was really rather comfortable

Fredi_in_Bed.jpg (112608 bytes)

And after another glorious Spanish sunset

Spanish_Sunset.jpg (43830 bytes)

We prepared for some more astronomy.  The house has passed its first test with flying colours

C14_In_Dome.jpg (41341 bytes)

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