Adelaide in January 2012

It had been more than a year since we last saw Abi and Declan - in the UK.  This time we decided to fly out to Adelaide and see them there, especially since Abi has divorced from Declan's father, Chris and is now living with a new partner - Carl Kubea.  We decided to go just after Christmas 2011, celebrate the new Year in Australia and then spend a week on Kangaroo Island with them.  Here is the story.

As with all trips of this nature, a number of those unpleasant places called airports were involved. This is the two travellers enjoying a beer at Heathrow

at_lhr_outbound.jpg (272559 bytes)

Twelve long hours later, still 28th December 2011 and this is Lizzie enjoying a Tiger Beer at Changi airport, Singapore

singapore_with_tiger_beer.jpg (256986 bytes)

Abi and her partner, Carl live in a small but very comfortable house near the beach in the Adelaide suburb of Hallett Cove

peera_street.jpg (322034 bytes)

Six years old Declan clearly enjoyed seeing his Granddad again and we, in common with most grandparents I am sure, think he is quite the nicest young man in the world

the_grandson.jpg (285233 bytes)

We were also greeted by the house cat, Eddy.  Eddy recently was bitten by a snake and only just survived. We are so pleased he did. Quite a feline

eddy.jpg (324417 bytes)

The house is yards from the ocean, and we were able to walk every day along the coastal boardwalk and enjoy the warm sea water and splendid views

board_walk.jpg (416967 bytes)

The beach is approached by descending from the cliffs, and here Declan, Abi and Carl have beaten us to the sea

beach.jpg (465730 bytes)

Cormorants sit on the rocks and fly with their noses inches above the waves as they search for fish

cormorants.jpg (349502 bytes)

It was very hot while we were there, and the best time to visit the sea was during the evening as the worst of the heat started to decline. Sunset was usually a spectacular event

sunset.jpg (251435 bytes)

Adelaide at Christmas, and it was very odd to see huge images of Santa etched against the blue of the sky and with everyone wearing T-shirts and shorts

xmas_in_adelaide.jpg (303868 bytes)

We were able to enjoy the New Year fireworks in Adelaide by standing on the beach and looking north towards the city

new_year_fireworks.jpg (104017 bytes)

As with previous visits, we visited Glenelg, just to the north of Hallett Cove and walked the pier

glenelg.jpg (255745 bytes)

and enjoyed wandering around this popular resort suburb

glenelg_2.jpg (319088 bytes)

The rest of the time was spent in various ways - Abi has a super horse to ride when is able to find the time

riding.jpg (421992 bytes)

Declan inspected everything and asked questions by the dozen

pensive_dj.jpg (249498 bytes)

and spent some time with his Dad

declan_with_chris.jpg (250320 bytes)

While Eddy the cat rested in his favourite location, on top of the air conditioning unit

eddy_resting.jpg (201092 bytes)

While mum just looked glamorous

abi_on_beach.jpg (236229 bytes)

And then it was off to Kangaroo Island - a 45 minute ferry journey, costing hugely more than it was worth. Sealink have a monopoly on the ferry and most attractions on the island

sealink_to_ki.jpg (226163 bytes)

Our rented house turned out to be first class, with lots of space and well appointed. You never quite know with these rented places, but we were very pleased with it. Carl BBQ'd

carl_bbq.jpg (345875 bytes)

And we all enjoyed the food he had prepared

ki_meal.jpg (252510 bytes)

The house had a large terrace with splendid views of the sea

beach_from_terrace.jpg (290570 bytes)

And we were regularly visited by local inhabitants, like this wallaby

wobbly.jpg (198552 bytes) We seemed to have our own private beach, a short walk from the house and with beautiful, fine, white sand ki_beach.jpg (196137 bytes)

Just great for building sandcastles

sandcastle.jpg (332857 bytes)

The coastline was fascinating, with numerous examples of weather rocks like this one

rocks_and_moon.jpg (151052 bytes)

But on the windward coast it was a different story, with large waves continuously crashing against the rocks

waves_2.jpg (241515 bytes)

And creating a perfect environment for Lizzie to sit and watch the waves

wind_and_waves.jpg (278457 bytes)
On other days Liz and I went for walks around parts of the island, finding strange signs maze.jpg (592831 bytes)

And wandering along the almost deserted coast with our teggies in the sea.

ki_beach_walk.jpg (186615 bytes)
We found seals on the western point of the island, near to Admiral Arch. After centuries of slaughter the seals are now protected in this area seal.jpg (347834 bytes)

And we visited a location called "Remarkable Rocks" where weathering has created a series of rocks on a cliff in strange shapes

wemarkable_wocks.jpg (278946 bytes)
But the highlight of the trip was when Carl and Abi decided to become engaged abi_and_carl.jpg (251929 bytes) And Abi was given a lovely ring.  We wish them both all success for a very happy future together ring.jpg (189070 bytes)
And what better way to end the trip than with a trip to the Adelaide zoo on our last day zoo.jpg (356747 bytes)

The zoo entry was very expensive, and maybe because of that we found it almost deserted. We spent a super day looking at all the animals, and at the end it was the otters who had the last word

otters.jpg (274665 bytes)

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